A note from Ann Flanagan

Dear HOTC, I thought some of the members would get a kick out of seeing Kent & Shannon Rollins. They catered I believe 3 of our Campouts/Vintage campouts out at the LBJ GRASSLANDS. Did some storytelling as well.  If you have not heard any of his story telling, visit him online @ Kent Rollins.com. The 1st one he catered, they brought Bertha, his 1890,s chuck wagon, but the Forest Service put a ban on fires in the grasslands. They said he would have to use propane. Kent said, “ANN don’t worry about a thing, we will get her done”. Over 70 rigs, heavy wind, and they did. They slept in a teepee and they were up every morning about 4:00am getting the fire started, and making coffee, & breakfast. Another time we had a Dutch oven cooking classes.  We all brought our Dutch ovens and made biscuits. A class in the morning & one in the afternoon. So happy to see they are doing so well. Maybe we can get them back sometime. Just a great couple. Enjoy! Ann

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