Laura’s Marinated Strawberries


2 – 4 pounds strawberries, firm and not overripe
1 – 2 packages almond bark milk chocolate
½ pint Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey


Night Before Eating
Wash strawberries. Pat dry, handling them gently. Using a large diameter syringe (must be a sterile — only used for this purpose). Fill syringe with whiskey tapping out air bubbles. Inject each strawberry from top down as close or under some of green top. May have to reposition and shoot a second time to get enough in. When strawberry swells or “shoots back” at you, it has had its fill.

After all strawberries are injected with whiskey, place several paper towels in 1-gallon zippered plastic bag, placing a few more at end when bag is full. This is to absorb excess moisture and to help keep berries firm while they are “marinating.” Refrigerate until one hour before serving.

Melt three or four squares of chocolate at a time in either a double boiler (preferred) or a microwave oven. If using microwave, stir quickly and dip quickly for strawberries to look good. After dipping each strawberry, place on waxed paper and let rest. Once cool, place on a serving tray.

From the kitchen of Laura Keating.