Pasture PartyMarch 13 – 15, 2020
Harkey’s Shangri La Ranch near Anderson, Texas

Come to this boon docking event as we circle the wagons at the ranch of Debi Jean and Harry Harkey. In case of inclement weather there is a large barn for us to gather in. Generators are of course permitted. 

And knowing Debi Jean and Harry, they will have lots of fun stuff planned for us. They have named the rally the “COFFEE TILL COCKTAILS RALLY” and have provided the following information:
 “Here is a little more information for our rally. We are really looking forward to seeing everybody and everybody is welcome.”
• – bring your generator – we have excellent water to fill tanks or jugs but no electricity.
• – the gate will be open for this event. We will have all livestock in a back pasture.
• – hosts will provide plenty of hot coffee and eggs. Will have a hot griddle or skillets for breakfast or fire pit for steaks.
• The barn is being prepped for this party and will offer plenty of shelter and great rally areas.

• Thur. evening: Bring an appetizer, we will have some chili and tacos as well…
• Fri. morning: We will have hot coffee and eggs ready to cook. The griddle will be hot. Potluck
• Fri. evening: Heavy Hors d ‘Oeuvres, potluck, hot grill if you want to cook something….
• Sat. morning: We will have coffee and eggs ready to cook. The griddle will be hot. Potluck…
• Sat. evening: Bring your own meat for the grill and a side or desert. Hosts will have baked potatoes. Potluck.
• Sun. morning: Hot coffee. 

Some planned Events -Horse Shoes – Darts – Spud Gun aka Potato Cannon (if you want to bring small to medium taters we should have plenty, but it is so much fun to play with, just don’t want to run out of ammo!!!! A can of Starting fluid is a good thing to bring too!

Shangri La Ranch, 10768 C.R. 215, Anderson, TX 77830
Home: 936- 851-2515 or 936-851-0112 Harry cell – 936-203-3471 Debi Jean cell – 936-537-2626
Call when you get close and the Harkey’s will meet you at the entrance and get you parked. 

Shangri La is on the edge of the pine forest and has great water for your tanks or jugs. The terrain is gentle hills and drains well. Plenty of space high and dry. We will have the gate open and livestock in another pasture for the campout. We have a big barn for shelter and cooking. Give us a call when you get close and we will meet you at our entrance and get you parked. We are looking forward to seeing everyone! 

Directions from Anderson:
Take FM 1774 S. a few miles
T/L on C.R. 215 – eventually will become a gravel road
T/R into ranch at top of hill – will be flagged

Directions from Montgomery:
Take HWY. 105 W to Dobbin
T/R on FM 1486 N. go past Dacus
T/L on C.R. 212 go to end
T/L on C.R. 215 go several hundred yards to top of hill
T/R into ranch – will see flags or ribbons.

Please confirm if you plan on attending by emailing:

Guest List