Perfect G&T

Food photo (11)The most important ingredient for making a perfect G&T (gin and tonic) is chemistry. HOTC mixologist Cliff Garinn recommends that if your gin, tonic and glass aren’t already ice-cold, place them in the freezer for tomorrow and consider a different cocktail for today.


1¾ ounces gin
3¼ ounces tonic
¼ lime


Tonic water is denser than gin, so the order of operations is essential. Ingredients must mix thoroughly, without any bubble-liberating activities like stirring.

Using a jigger, add ice-cold gin to a frosty glass. Tilt the glass at a 45-degree angle and slowly add the tonic. As you pour, gradually raise the glass to vertical.

Add freezer-cold ice (not tempered) gently into the glass using a bar spoon.

Ease the lime quarter into the glass, making sure the bubbles are undisturbed.